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Studio Boheme Leather Works Co.

Studio Boheme is officially BIR registered as MQCREATIONS MERCHANDISING began on the year 2011. This is the flagship business among the different segments of services that we are able to offer.


We manufacture and supply bags, shoes, folders and accessories that are needed for fashion or functional retail, corporate giveaways, wedding or birthday giveaways, menus and folios for restaurants and offices, plus many more. We are able to make 10 – 10,000 pieces for the innovatory entrepreneur or the already established company.

We’re here to bridge a gap between your ideas and actual implementation.
Realize your business and Create with us!




Our mission is to provide quality services to those in need of our crafts and skills in creating leather and fabric goods to continually create livelihood, employment opportunities and successful projects for both our workers and customers.




We envision a never-ending cycle of growing businesses around the country and internationally with us providing help where quality crafts and branding materials are key to successful marketing and fulfillment of sales for our customers.

History, Expansion and Growth

                                Back in 2011, It all started with the booming popularity of the classic leather satchel. Marqui and Richie have opened a bespoke services and retail shop called Studio Boheme located in the long stretch of Katipunan Quezon City. What was once a one-off bespoke ordering setup, has eventually started to receive orders in bulk for other business start-ups and for clients’ personal use a-like. We’ve decided to Expand the factory by hiring more crafters and adding more machines. Different business opportunities have opened up with the added capability of our factory. After 4 years of maintaining retail and manufacturing, we’ve decided to focus on the manufacturing side of the business, while still offering our own retail items and services online. We’ve seen potential in manufacturing that allowed us and our crafters to enhance our skills and incomes as well. We plan on Growing the business in this format and continuously add more machines for larger order capacities and get more jobs for our fellow sewers and shoemakers to create meaningful products for every entrepreneur.


A business built for businesses demands a never-ending cycle of services and because of this we will thrive.

Manufacturing of leather, leatherette and fabric bags and accessories



Manufacturing of menus, folders and other leatherette supplies for restaurants or offices




Manufacturing of shoes and costume supplies




Repair and alteration of leather or leatherette items



Logo foil and embossed stamping  services

Service Scope

Business to Business Manufacturing Services

Business to Customer Manufacturing Services


Business to Business Manufacturing Services

Business to Customer Manufacturing Services


Business to Customer Manufacturing Services

-Under Glenmore Shoes Brand and Cosplay by Studio Boheme Online



Business to Customer Repair Services

-Under Glenmore Shoes shop

Business to Business Manufacturing Services

Business to Customer Manufacturing Services

-Under Boheme Foil Stamping Services

The Workshop

Sewing machines:

Cutting machines:

Industrial Stamping machines

Work force:




Storage and Space:


Materials Scope:

Production Lead time:


2 Post bed, 3 Flat bed, 3 Cylinder bed,  1 piping machine,

1 Fabric cutter

1 wide set, 1 vertical-adjustment-abled machine

3 regular sewers, 2 shoemakers specialists, 3-6 freelance workers, 2 logo stamping specialists
+ full production management

2 stockrooms | 170sqm factory space

Genuine leather, Synthetic leather, all kinds of fabrics, rubberized materials and clear plastic

1 – 10 weeks depending on design and quantity


-        Rush delivery via Grab or Lalamove

-        Provincial delivery via AP Cargo and LBC

-        International delivery via EMS or DHL express


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